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My program for 2011 

Sorry for not having time to upgrade my site as I keep pretty busy with clients around the world.

This is a year of extensive traveling to give lectures and to conduct
workshops and seminars on Vedic Astrology in several countries. Over
the years, I have seen a growing interest for Vedic Astrology in the
western societies among those who seek a spiritual lifestyle.

Therefore 2011, I will be traveling to the following countries to
offer my services:

Bali: 17th – 30th April, consultations and meditation sessions at the  
Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali.

Bali Vedic Astrology Workshop:

Bali Public Talk:

USA: 17th May – 5th June I will be busy with Birmingham Yoga, in
Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Also I will be with clients in Atlanta (GA),
Orlando (FL) and Washington DC.

My USA promotion:

Meditation in USA:

USA - Bookings:

Singapore: 11th – 20th July I will be available for astrology
consultations in Singapore at the Sacred Space, City Hall, Singapore.
Malaysia: - 19th July I will be giving a talk on Vedic Astrology in
Malacca in Malaysia.

Sri Lanka: 21st July – 3rd September I will be in Sri Lanka attending
to the charity activities of the Smiling Village, Mawala, Wadduwa, Sri
Lanka. Please visit the website
for more information.

Bali: 19th – 27th October 2011, consultations and meditation
sessions and workshops at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali.

Hong Kong– I will most probably be in Hong Kong in November 2011.

Consultation centers around the world

Consultations in Singapore

Dr. THEJA can be consulted in Singapore :

Contact Dr.Theja to find his travel plans :

For appointments call:

Ms. Ragveer Maini
#04-27 Peninsula Shopping Centre
3 Coleman Street
Singapore 179804
Tel: 6535 1949

E-mail :
E - mail :


Consultations in Hong Kong

Dr. THEJA can be consulted in Hong Kong:
Contact Dr.Theja to find his travel plans :

For appointments call:

New Age Shop
7 Old Bailey Street
Hong Kong – Central

Tel: (852) 2810-8694

Fax: (852) 2526-1798




Consultations in Ubud, Bali

Charley Patton
Partner, The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

Tel: 971236 –

Consultations in Japan

Dr. THEJA can be consulted in Japan:
Contact Dr.Theja to find his travel plans :

For appointments call:

Ms.Takako Okomoto
Director of Ambiente & Ispirare
Shizuoka, Japan

Tel: 81 3 3229 6756

Mobile: 090 2136 6856




Consultations in USA

Sam Shouse

Home: (205) 981-3996 (home)
Mobile: (205) 482-1065 (cell

6301 Cahaba Valley Road

Alabama 35242

Online consultations for Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka

Contact Dr.Theja :


Consultations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. THEJA can be consulted in KL, Malaysia:
Contact Dr.Theja to find his travel plans :
For appointments call:

Mr. T. Selvakumar

12, USJ 11/4L
Subang Jaya
47620 Selangor

Tel: 5632 6549
Mobile: 019-2728464




Dr. Theja
119 Beenyup Road
Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

61- 8- 9498 7819
61- 8- 94987819

0422 050 646

61-8- 9498 7818




2004/2005/2006/2007 Asia tour


1st – 10th February 2005 in Sri Lanka

10th – 24th February in Indian and Nepal

24th Feb. – 4th March 2005 in Sri Lanka

4th – 18th March in Singapore

8th March 2005 back in Perth

5th – 20th July 2005 in Indonesia

19th – 29th October 2005 in Singapore

1st – 28th Feb 2006 Sri Lanka and India

1st – 10th March 2006 in Singapore

1st – 13th July 2006 in Hong Kong

13th – 22nd July 2006 in Singapore

12th– 26th March 2007 in Hong Kong

26th March – 13th April 2007 in Colombo, Sri Lanka

13th – 25th April 2007 in Singapore

29th Oct 2007 – 12 Nov 2007 in Hong Kong

Since 2008 Dr Theja visits Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan twice a year while attending to consultations in Australia


Conscious Living Expo 2005
Festival for Body Mind Soul
Claremont Exhibition Centre
Robinson Pavilion
Thursday the 3rd November – Sunday the 6th November 2005


Every Woman's Expo 2005
Perth Convention Center
Friday the 1st July - Sunday the 3rd July 2005


Every Woman's Expo 2006
Perth Convention Center
Friday the 16th June - Sunday the 18th June 2006


Conscious Living Expo 2006
Festival for Body Mind Soul
Claremont Exhibition Centre
Robinson Pavilion
November 2006