Request for Birth Time rectification and Horoscope analysis

I wish to receive a Vedic Astrological reading and would like to provide the following information so that it will help to rectify my time of birth and to prepare the birth chart (horoscope). Since I am not fully aware of my time of birth I wish to submit this form to rectify my time of birth and to organize a horoscope analysis.

Your birth data is very important to prepare the horoscope or the birth chart. Therefore, please e-mail me the following data. This will help me to prepare your horoscope and also to check the accuracy of the horoscope. Please take time to answer all applicable questions accurately with exact dates etc. IF YOUR TIME OF BIRTH IS NOT KOWN OR UNCERTAIN, PLEASE USE THIS REQUEST FORM TO RECTIFY THE TIME OF BIRTH.

Please do understand that according to security laws and privacy act, my client MUST request for the reading by giving his/her birth data in writing. If not, I have no right to have your birth data with me.