In Person/Online Consultations

I am sure that you wish to know the fees and the most suitable method for you to have an astrological reading/consultation with me.

Firstly, I recommend everyone to get a natal chart reading (an in-depth study of your horoscope- birth chart) which will cover many areas of your life related to the past, present and future. This reading will provide you with accurate predictions and valuable guidance and remedies to step forward happily in this competitive world.

Further to this, I also offer compatibility studies for marriages or business partnerships.

My readings are enjoyed by many people around the world from different nationalities, ethnicities and religious background and beliefs. Over 15000 clients globally have gained and learned a lot by listening to my readings and by discussing with me in detail their horoscope. I do not believe in merely issuing written reports as this is an easy method used by many web based astrologers to deliver standardized readings to many at a time. My readings are very personalized and give much more information and clarity in comparison to solely written reports. Additionally, along with an audio recording of my reading, I also provide to clients a printed copy of their horoscope, chart diagrams and calculations.

Due to the complex nature of planets in different horoscopes, and depending on the length and detail of the questions asked by the client, a reading can take between 45 – 90 minutes.

Largely due to improvements in technology and new communication methods, clients can now enjoy a detailed and interesting full consultation from anywhere in the world even without visiting me personally.

There are several ways to get an astrological reading from me:

  1. Consultations in person (face- to- face) can be enjoyed by those who are in Perth (Australia), or from time to time in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Japan as I visit these countries often. In these countries, consultations will be recorded in MP3 or WMA format to a CD and given to you with all horoscope related charts and tables.
  2. The most popular method of providing consultations is over the phone or through Skype. This form of reading has helped me to provide my services to thousands of clients around the world. During these consultations, the full consultation will be recorded in MP3 or WMA format and e-mailed to you immediately after the consultation as an audio file through the Internet.

    If you are living in Australia, I will call you so that you save on long distance calling charges. If you live in another country, then we can use Skype or you can call me as calling cards are fairly cheap these days.
  3. If you are unable to contact me in person or online, you can request me to send a recorded reading on a CD or as an audio file. You then have the liberty of listening to the reading and can contact me if you need more clarity or guidance.

There will be no extra charge for recording and giving a CD or for delivering an audio file through the Internet.

In relation to horoscope readings, I also provide the following services:

For these services it is not essential for the client to visit me personally as I can provide all the necessary information either by Post or through e-mail.


  1. Searching for an auspicious date & time
  2. Astrologically, there is a risk of initiating a task or starting a new venture at an inauspicious (unfavorable) time. Therefore, this service will help clients to determine the most auspicious date and time to begin a new venture, to travel, perform weddings, incorporate a company, begin a new project or to lay the foundation stone for a house etc.
  3. Name selection for new born babies or businesses (Nama Nakshatra)
  4. There is a sound or rhythm associated with the placement of specific planets in a horoscope. It is the custom in Indian Astrology to give a name for a person, place, business or event according to planetary alignments in an individual’s horoscope. The naming is done to amplify one's attunement to the environment and to increase wellbeing and prosperity. The outcome of this consultation is that a specific auspicious sound, to form the basis of a name, will be selected for the client or individual.

Consultation Fees:

The intention of this website is to educate and provide a service for people to gain happiness through Indian Vedic Astrology. However, there is a cost involved when practicing astrology fulltime and in spending an average time of 2-3 hours per horoscope preparation and reading. Also the time spent on the various services detailed above differs. Therefore, the charges will vary from $80 – $250 per consultation, depending on the type of consultation and the varying circumstances of my clients. Average for a full horoscope preperation with an in-depth consultation will be $ 195. This is the most recommended consultation used by over 90% of clients.

As an internationally reputed astrologer with over 30 years of experience, my fees are far less than many good astrologers around the world. I am sure that you will see this when you search on the Internet.

However astrology is a spiritual subject, and hence I believe it is important to understand the difficulties and varying circumstances of people. Therefore those who are unemployed or who are experiencing major financial difficulties may be given special discounts. Therefore, it is always good to write or telephone me to discuss the type of reading which is most appropriate for you and to find out more about the fees. I prefer to keep my door open to everyone who is interested in having a reading. Previous clients who are seeking follow-on readings may also be charged less.

Methods of payment:

I do not trust in introducing an online buying cart system for this service as I feel it as a way of trapping people without communicating and understanding their circumstances. Also I wish to protect my clients from the misuse of their credit cards and personal data by a third party.

Therefore, first of all please call me or send me an e-mail to ( with your telephone numbers to have an initial discussion. You also can use the “Request Form” provided on my website ( Following on from this discussion I will let you know the most suitable consultation method and how you can arrange the payment of fees.

Several secure payment options are provided below:

  1. Clients who are attending the consultation at my office in Perth (Australia) can pay (by cash, cheque, visa or EFTPOS) at the time of the consultation.
  2. Clients who are receiving telephone consultations in Australia will need to pay the consultation fee 3 days prior to the telephone consultation by cheque, EFTPOS, visa, postal money order or through Internet banking.
  3. Clients who are receiving overseas telephone consultations will need to pay the consultation fee 3 days prior to the consultation by using the secured invoice that I will send through PayPal ( (there will be no transaction fee). When you follow the instructions given in my invoice delivered by the secure server of Paypal, your transactions are secured and guaranteed (the moment you see "https://" in the browser you can be assured that it is a secured and encrypted connection). Never enter your credit card number unless you see the "s". Globally this is the most popular and secured credit card payment method. Additionally on request I can send you my bank account details to transfer the fee if you are in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore or Australia.