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Charity work with the help of my spiritual clients:

Dr.Theja’s clients & why they visit

Clients from all over the world with different nationalities, ethnic and religious background and beliefs contact Dr. Theja for their horoscope readings.

There is no age limit. In India or Sri Lanka one will get a horoscope prepared on the day after their birth. This will help them to find the most suitable sound or letter to give a name for the new born baby. The majority of the clients are aged between 30 – 50. This age group is matured enough or spiritually inclined to understand that there are unseen forces which could change our life path. Also the changes that they have experienced can be very effective as their responsibilities are high. Some clients are more than 70 years old but they do seek for an astrological reading when they feel that they have a lot to offer to the mankind and that they are spiritually directed.

Among the clients, there are:

  • Very spiritual people who have a strong link to yoga, meditation etc.
  • Many with the talent or ability to provide service related to healing, nurturing, and caring. They are healers, medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapist counselors, practitioners in the field of holistic medicine etc.
  • Also those who have a strong Mercury, who are in the field of teaching, consulting, accounting, marketing, commerce & trade and law are Dr.Theja’s clients.
  • There are also clients who work in the technical or engineering sectors or have some connection to the earth and land because of the strong Mars in their charts. They are mostly engineers, technicians, geologists or those who are involved with instruments and equipment.
  • Artists, musicians with strong Venus.
  • Journalist and writers with a good Moon and Mercury in their charts.
  • Managers, Public servants, people who are in leadership positions etc due to the strong Sun.
  • Caterers, hoteliers and those who are in the hospitality trade due the positive link between the 2nd and the 6th house of their horoscopes.

Therefore, almost everyone will benefit from an astrological reading. We all are human beings and there are no exceptions.

Why do they come?

99% of the people visit an astrologer only when they face difficulties. No need to wait until you face difficulties to consult an astrologer. It is advisable to seek for an astrological reading occasionally as the astrologer will be able to predict the ups and downs that may come and hence he can advice you accordingly.

  • Relationship problems – could be with the marriage partner, business partnership, relatives, neighbors, friends etc.
  • Job, career and profession related issues – loss of a job, looking for a change, job is not rewarding, difficult in finding a job, wishing to start a business etc.
  • Property and assets related issues – when to buy or sell a house, what is the best time to relocate etc.
  • Matters related to children – unhappiness with the progress of children etc.
  • Travel related issues.
  • Financial difficulties, losses made in the business or investments etc, debts, taxation problems.
  • Looking forward to marry and to know the best time period, type of the suitable partner, compatibility studies etc.
  • When to commence studies and what could be the best area to study etc.
  • When having legal issues and court cases etc.
  • In search for an auspicious time to start a new event etc.

Therefore, it is important to understand that Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology is a science that anyone at any time in life could gain a lot from and therefore be able to lead a happy life.