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Dear Theja
My daughter Louise was very excited after visiting you. She felt she gained a great deal of insight from your reading…………….
Mrs. Helen. P. (mother) – Applecross
The information on your report (reading) has helped a lot and has given me a lot to reflect on about myself…………………
Mr. S. B. – Edith Cowan University - Perth
Dear Theja
A little note of thank you for the wonderful reading. It made much sense & gave me a new perspective on life in general, a more positive outlook !. …………..
You explained everything so well that I don’t really have any questions !
Ms. Adline. B. – Margaret River - WA
Hi Theja
It is quite amazing that you can tell a person’s character, behaviour accurately and also health issues even though you haven’t met the person – just from the birth date & time.
Mrs. M. D. – Herne Hill - WA
My dear Theja
I have read your long report many times since we met and it would appear to me to be highly accurate about my past, my family relationships(indifference to mother, respect for father and maternal uncle--no children and helpful to people in his neighbourhood)
Regarding current events in my life, you told me that romance was in the air for me--that too was accurate.
Regarding the sunglasses I left behind at your house, please keep them as a symbol of you having lifted a veil from my eyes.
Thank You.
Mr. R. L. – Maylands - WA
Dear Theja
Many thanks for your reply, blessings & good wishes.
I shall feel happy if I can do anything for you .Do write.
With kind regards.
Mr. Raj. K. – Delhi - India
Dear Dr Theja
In terms of personality analysis - most (80%) of what you have stated in the report is true at least from my self observation. You are right about relationship issues. Overall Dr Theja, I will say the report is 80% accurate at present. …………….
Once again, I thank you for your time for an insightful report. It is both positive and encouraging. The phrase "It's all in the stars" certainly rings true for me……….
Best regards
Mrs. Vijaya. P. - Singapore
Hello Dr Theja, thank you for writing to check how I am going. I have just listened once more to my tape recording you did for me at our reading in early January. I would have to agree with much of the predictions. I want to thank you for you're time spent talking to me.
All the best
Mrs. M. H. – Swan View - WA
Dear Theja
You have made a positive difference to my attitude/life and I am grateful for that, I hope that anybody I do steer your way is helped also.
Fond regards
Mr. Len. R. – Perth
Dear Dr Theja
Thank you so much for your consultation. I really appreciate all the work/time you put into it. Once I digest all the information you have given me, it will be of enormous help I'm sure.
Again many thanks,
Ms. Margret. S. – Perth
Dear Theja
I found your interpretations of my chart in Vedic Astrology was very apt. Intrigued by the uncanny way you could describe the individuals connected with me and of the essences' of the different periods of the life as to how and why was rewarding and fascinating to hear.
Mrs. Irine. C. - Perth
Hi Theja,
Your reading of my chart was very informative and enlightening and I especially appreciate the time you took to explain things in great detail.
I feel that your reading is highly accurate and am very relieved, to say the
least, that this current Rahu dasha will not be the dreaded beast that I
anticipated. Thank you for that comfort!!!
I will not hesitate to recommend your excellent services. I am
especially impressed by your spiritual and ethical approach to this sacred
science and it was a privelege to meet you. As Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda's
teacher and an astrologer himself once told his pupil in Autobiography Of A
Yogi, "A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays
are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a
challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future
results. But the natal chart can be rightly interpreted only by men of
intuitive wisdom: these are few." I humbly put forth, Theja, that you are
among these "few"!
Many blessings to you and your family,
Mrs. Cindy. G – USA
Dear Dr Theja

Your reading was enlightening and astonishing, it makes one wonder about the true past history of earth given the highly accurate readings obtained from mathematics supposedly developed by a technologically inferior civilisation.
Thanks again
Bob - Perth
This must be the "money thing" that you were talking
loosely about in my horoscope! It was to be all over sometime in April if
my memory serves me correctly, at which point you were suggesting it might
be a good time to think about buying a house. So its all happening, just
like you said! Fascinating! Incredible! And quite amazing! I await
eagerly to see if I'm buying a house in Perth or in Tasmania! It might well
be Tasmania you know;
Brad - Perth
Hi Dr Theja,

It was nice to meet you last night. Thank you for inviting me into your
home and reading my astrology chart. I find it all fascinating and
enlightening hence my chart indicated a strong spiritual path. Seek and ye
shall find! I am sure I will have a question or two in the near
future.................after a bit of reading!
Much love & light
Ben. D - Perth
Dear Theja,

Sorry I haven't replied sooner but like you I have also been busy. You are most welcome to the recommendations, I think you are a very gifted and amazing man and I am honored for my friends to be blessed with your presence and wealth of information, I will recommend your work to everyone I know, hopefully those who are blessed will find themselves in your company.
Lots of Love and Blessings
Karen M. - Wannaroo
Dear Dr Theja

Thank you for the insightful and clarifying readings. I felt uplifted and in touch with the deeper places of my soul. You have a rare gift of compassion with the ability to guide gently.

Kind regards
Rebbeca - Perth
Hi Theja,
I was just thinking of calling u today, remember how I could not get any
offers for my house, after seeing u on Friday, I had an Open House the next
day Saturday and the first customer has put an offer and I have accepted it.
You are fantastic. Thank U so much for the courage and inspiration u gave.

Best Regards
Binday - Malaysia
Dear Dr Theja
Thanks so much for your prompt reply, I know you are a
very busy man.
A new move, leaving family friends and missing out on the
pregnancy and feeling alone is a little depressing at
times. But I will continue to think of your positive
words and pray for a miracle to happen. If you have any
other advice please email me at the above
address, otherwise I will contact you when I arrive in
Perth and set a time to see you.
Thanks for all your help and positive warm
thoughts, they are very much felt
love to you and your family
god bless
Moana – New Zealand
What an excellent presentation you gave at the Psychic Development Association !!!
One can tell your passion in life is the Vedic Astrology. You are almost channelling when you are up the front. It's all soooo natural.
Thank you my gift of a friend.

Mrs. W.K - Perth
Dear Dr Theja
Just wanted to say thank you for the chart reading it was excellent, I really enjoyed our time together and I learnt a lot .
Mrs. B.J - Perth
Hello Dr. Theja,

Thank you for your time and expertise on my chart. I found your interpretations very useful, especially the parts about upcoming dates, events and cycles in life.

You are clearly a man committed to the service you provide, much to the benefit of all who meet you.

If I would offer one suggestion, it would be to have your client tell you "three things you are concerned about in your life at this time, to help me focus this reading into those areas to assist you". In my case, for example, I would have stated "relationships, home life, physical body" as my three areas.

Of course you would cover these areas during your reading in any event, but would have already established a "link" to your customer's concerns from the outset. Incidentally, asking for three (or four) SPECIFIC concerns makes it a lot easier for your customer to answer you - and for you to get comfortable with them - than just asking "what are you concerned about?" That is too big a question, too vague, too hard to answer well, too easy to avoid.

Hope this helps!

All the best,

Ron K - Singapore
Dear Dr Theja
Your reading has been most accurate about many things and has given me much insight about my parents and siblings. I find it amazing that our life here on earth is linked to the planets and the universe. It took me quite a long time to come to terms with this fact and Vedic Astrology has definitely confirmed this for me.
Dr Theja, thank you very much for your time in Singapore and I hope I am not loading you with unnecessary work with all my questions. I do realise that you are a busy man and I hope that I will receive a reply from you at some time.
Warmest Regards and God Bless
Sandra - Singapore
Dear Dr Theja

Many years ago, I heard about Vedic Astrology being the most accurate of all astrologies.
Thus when Love & Light e-mailed me about you, without hesitation, I went for your free talk and after the talk, I made a booking to see you.

I cannot believe the accuracy! My sister who passed on for more than 50 years - even I had sort of forgotten about it. My most troubled years - you saw it too! What is going to happen to my mother, what ailments may follow me (will do the appropriate exercise to minimise it - thank you!). Yes, Dr Theja, it was indeed a very good reading.

You also told me to think POSITIVE and to focus on the better things to come, which I did, and the following day, something wonderful happened. Someone very dear to me e-mailed me after months of silence. A big gift was delivered to me too.

I did not hesitate to recommend my friends to you and after their sessions with you, they were very happy. One became so confident and happy, after many years of being in a shell.

You are so passionate and honest in your work and you want your clients to be happy and to benefit from your reading.

Dr Theja, yes, all of us who went to see you have been blessed and please keep tbe blessings flowing.

God Bless your work, yourself and your family
Vivienne - Singapore

Dear Dr. Theja,

Thank you very much for the reading for my daughter. I gave it to her this morning, she seemed happy and started listening to the tape straight away. I hope she can hear your
positive message and your warm caring words. I believe I was meant to visit
with you and I am so grateful. Kind Regards
Hilda - Perth
Dear Theja
Thank you for reading my horoscope. All that you have told me is as I have foreseen – and as the past has been.
Your reading has affirmed and renewed my courage to continue despite the current swampy stony way.
By ways of thanks, I send you this poem which is about to be published in my new collection, “flight”. Talking to my daughter this evening, I mentioned how helpful I found your Vedic reading and when she returns for holidays she will wish to consult you. I will recommend your readings to friends as well.
With blessings and many thanks
Joan K. – Fremantle
Dear Sir
There is a small note I want to indicate here .I have read all the details of your e mail to me .I'll of course browse the Google too. By the way when I saw you on that TV programme I felt that you had entered(come) into this world from a place called the Heaven. The reason is I saw a kind of radiation in you where there's no doubt you have come from there to help & relieve the mankind from it's punishing life, guiding them to their expectations. You are truly honoured & blessed.
Your humble client to be...
Mrs. D – Sri Lanka
Dear Sir
I listened to your program on the 7th Feb 03 on Rupavahini 3 to 5 and was much taken upwith the way you encourage listeners like me to expand the knowledge of astrology which I think is most interesting……………….
Mrs. J. Fernando – Sri Lanka
Dear Mr. Hettiarachchi:

I watched your interview with Rupavahini Ayubowan program. I was impressed
of your knowledge in Astrology as a very educated person………….
Mrs. Sandamali N. – Sri Lanka
Hello Dr Theja,

How are you? This is Tai from Malaysia. I consulted you in KL at Mr Thena's office after attended your recent talk in Kuala Lumpur.
I must say that it has given me a better sense of direction how my life will be like in the next 5years or so and this has help me to take the necessary precautions and preparations now working towards achieving my goals in life with more awareness.
Thank you very much.
Tai – Malaysia