Dr Theja’s method of analysis

Preparation and Research session

A proper astrological analysis is time consuming. Initially it is important to get the birth data of the individual who wishes to get a horoscope prepared and analysed. This can be done by forwarding the form given in this web site “Request for a Vedic Astrology reading”.

birthchartIf the time of birth is not known or not accurate enough, then it can be rectified by studying the planetary positions on certain days throughout the past couple of years which are important to the client. If this is the case then the client will have to submit the above mentioned form along with the form known as “Request for Birth Time rectification” .

Once the data is ready then the birth chart or the horoscope will be prepared. This includes a number of work sheets and data sheets which will enable Dr. Theja to study and to do his research on your horoscope. During this research, apart from general investigations more prominence will be given to Astakavarga point system, Maha Dasha – Antar Dasha and Paryantha Dasha system (Dasha means planetary periods), Shodashavarga (16 divisional or harmonic charts for different life areas), effect of Saturn transit, nature of Sade Sati or Irastaka, Yogas (Planetary combinations), Vargottama nature (Higher power), Parivartana Yoga (planetary exchanges), Progression chart and Moon chart etc. This whole process and also to prepare a document folder which will help you to understand your birth chart and the basics of Vedic Astrology will take a minimum of 1 ½ hours even with the help of modern astrological software which will provide all the necessary data very precisely without any error. If calculated manually this whole process could take almost a day and could be easily error prone and inaccurate. All of Dr.Theja’s studies and readings on individual charts will be highly confidential.

Reading method

Generally I need minimum of 1 ½ hours to prepare the horoscope (birth chart) and study the worksheets. After that the reading session will take more than an hour (almost 3 hours of work in total). Therefore, you will be seeing me for the reading session OR telephoning for a remote consultation. The reading will be recorded to a CD and given to you or e-mailed as an audio file via web or posted with a folder containing all birth chart details etc. I am sure you will gain a lot of clarity from this reading.

Those who wish to do remote tel readings, I will e-mail all the chart diagrams and my worksheets as PDF files for you to get prints prior to the telephone consultation and I will e-mail the reading just after the consultation as a web base Audio file. This file can be downloaded and save or burn to a CD very easily. If you wish you can join me during the reading over the phone or can contact me after you receive my recorded reading. That way we can do everything in 3-4 days. If I post the documents and the CD, it will cost you more and will take 7-10 days or more.

Reading session

A Vedic Astrological reading could be much harder than playing a game of chess. There are an enormous number of probabilities that the naked eye may not see within a given time period. One can easily understand how many probabilities are there when we deal with 12 Houses, 9 Planets, 12 Zodiac signs, 27 Nakshastras (constellations in Indian Astrology), different speeds of planets, distance that they have traveled, over 300 planetary combinations known as Yoga and with all the changes happening through out your life. Therefore, a reading given by ten good astrologers may not 100% the same.

Never expect your astrologer to be a fortune teller or to give you lotto numbers etc. He will give you some valuable insight about your life, provide some guidance and will also show the tendencies in your life to face the ups and downs in certain time periods.

All the readings will be recorded for you and given either in the form of a personal consultation or by telephone or by mail. Readings by mail will be recorded very clearly and posted with relevant worksheets and documents so that anyone will understand the reading well.

Generally a reading could take about 1 ½ hours or sometimes more depending on the issues that we discuss. With in this period the following steps will be adopted.

  • You will be educated on the basics and the technicalities of the chart. Also you will be explained how Dr. Theja comes to his conclusions.
  • Initially he will look into the positive nature of the birth chart and the strength of planets.
  • Then your personality straits, characteristics, strengths, spirituality, physical problems or health issues, matters related to family and children will be analyzed and discussed.
  • The next step is mapping the events that have taken place in your life. This might even start from early childhood. This will show you how much the birth chart can reveal about you. On the other hand this is an opportunity for the astrologer to see whether the birth chart is correct or not.
  • While mapping the past Dr. Theja will analyse the effect of the Dashas (Planetary periods) and how the present Dasha and the sub periods will effect you. He will then discuss the reasons for the changes in the near past and the future.
  • Then comes the predictions and how different planetary periods could affect different areas (family and relationship, career, health, wealth etc.) of your life. Indian astrology is very strong in finding the favorable and unfavorable time periods in life.
  • After explaining how things could move in the future, you will be given the opportunity to raise any questions and these issues will be discussed further so that you will get reasonable answers.
  • In a way to give necessary guidance to you Dr. Theja will then discuss your present situation in family or at work etc. He will discuss how we could change our attitudes and lifestyle. He will also discuss the effect of using Gemstones as a remedy. You will be introduce to the importance of spiritual practice and meditations etc.
  • Finally, when time permits Dr. Theja might chant an ancient Mantra or two and record it for you as Mantras are believed to bring a lot of blessings.