Charges or fees

The main intention of this web page is to provide a service to people to gain happiness through Indian Astrology or Vedic Studies. However, there is a cost involved when practising fulltime and spending an average time of 2-3 hours per horoscope preparation and reading. Also the time spent on various services given above differs. Therefore, the charges will vary from A$ 50 to A$ 250 per study, depending on the type of reading and also from country to country. Former clients those who are coming for reviews may pay less.

I have been offering readings intensively for years and can see the time taken for preparation and study of each chart could take about 1 1/2 hours. As we know the reading will also take the same time making 3 hours in total per client.

Since this is a spiritual subject, it is very important to understand the difficulties of people, therefore those who are unemployed and having major financial difficulties may be given a discount. Therefore, it is always good to write or telephone to discuss the type of reading which is appropriate for you and to find out more about the charges. Dr. Theja prefers to keep doors open to everyone who is interested in having a reading.