How to learn Vedic Astrology

A word to those who wish to study Vedic Astrology

Jyotish has made quite a striking impact all around the world. Obviously none of this has happened overnight, it has been in use over 5000 years.

Many individuals who have tried to study Jyotish on their own start out with much enthusiasm but soon their spirit gets dampened by the excessive use of Sanskirt words and astrological concepts that are utilized in many presentations. It is a known fact that some of the basic approaches in Vedic astrology require a certain amount of learning and orientation. This somewhat tedious task creates the need for a systematic approach that helps to sustain the level of interest of the student. The best approach is to use one’s own horoscope as a learning tool which will help tremendously.

The personal relevance for the student of such an approach is undeniable; moreover, utilizing one’s own horoscope also allows the student to evaluate the usefulness of Vedic astrology and serves as a tool for assessing ones progress. One must not stop at this most important chart and should try their best to gain knowledge by analysing many charts as possible. This added practical touch increases the value of such learning and is perhaps very similar to what used to be the oral tradition in many schools of astrology in ancient India. It is understandable that there are quiet a lot of restrictions when we try to learn astrology in a classroom environment. However as long as the will to learn is strong, and dedication and spirituality is high, much progress can be expected despite the limitations.

Over the years, Dr Theja’s growing experience in teaching and in face to face astrological consultations has provided him with a clearer understanding of what many students or clients those who are interested in learning Jyotish, desire from such a course and what are the best ways of maximizing its benefits to them. However, when one deals with individuals, there are always subtle differences, surprises and some room for further development. Dr Theja, therefore, encourages all participants in his lectures to provide him with their valuable feed-back and suggestions for further improvements. These will be taken into account seriously and incorporated as efficiently as is possible.

As he has mentioned during lectures, he can teach the rules but cannot teach you experience. Therefore he recommends that you try to do a chart analysis a day. In this way, you can quickly develop your skills and gain experience.

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