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Dr.Theja ensures complete confidentiality of the client’s identity, birth details and the prediction details. Dr.Theja further ensures that no use will be made of the information revealed in the horoscope of the client. Such information will only be used to communicate to the client or will be retained in the databank for referencing purpose if you may need to consult in future.

Please try to understand the information presented to you by Dr.Theja, intelligently and with discretion. Vedic Astrology can only interpreat tendencies and does not claim to predict events with 100% certainty.
It is important to remind that you accept the fact that you are personally responsible for your own decisions and actions. Vedic Astrology is meant as a guideline and can in no way replace the responsiblity you have to ultimately form your own decisions for your own actions.

An astrological prediction is just an opinion of the astrologer and has no scientific authenticity. These predictions are based upon the characteristics, placements, aspects, associations, strengths, weaknesses of the planets and the ability, grip over the subject and experience of the astrologer in the Vedic astrology. Though all the predictions are provided by the astrologer after a through study and research, the same should not be used as a substitute to an advice of a qualified professional, medical – psychiatric treatment, study, a curriculum, profession or life style. The predictions, opinions and remedial measures of two astrologers on one horoscope may differ and have varied results.

Dr.Theja stands no warranties and is not liable to be held responsible for any prediction, opinion and remedy suggested and its viability.
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May the Divine Blessings light up your life and path and may you proudly deserve to be called a Jyotishi, one who carries the light of knowledge, love and understanding in service to others!